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Review of performance at Blues Fest

Last night was an almost indescribable (perhaps for a lesser scribe) performance by Jesse Stewart. And I hope that someone offers this guy a tenureship locally because his move to Guelph from the Shwa is our loss. The event which was held at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery was sold out amazingly... and to include such an avantgarde composer under the Blues Fest banner took some daring from the Gallery and the festival organisers. But it worked and it worked well. Stewart was engaging, somewhat indiosyncratic and more to the point accessible. He gave a demonstration of his drum playing by which professional drummers in the audience were in the vernacular blown away. He plays like four drummers all playing a different style but simultaneously. A grad of O'Neill Stewart graciously dedicated a couple of pieces to his teachers there. The Gallery staff informed me that as an experiment this concert exceeded expectations and they are willing to sign on for a series of such events. A promising conclusion to the proceedings. Bands like Torngat, Belle Orchestra and Hyzoloists would work so well among the Emily Carrs and Tom Thomsons I think. So lets all hold hands and wish real hard. Cuff The Duke was mentioned as a candidate.

Reviewed by Will McGuirk