Art Video Works
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Foiled (video still). 2007.

A single sustained tone is sung into a piece of aluminum foil causing the foil to vibrate. As the video develops, the performer moulds the aluminum to his or her face, creating the mask-like image depicted in the video still, and altering the sound of both voice and the aluminum.

Music in All Keys (video still). 2007.

Hundreds of metal keys are dropped onto a concrete floor, creating a cascade of metallic sound.

Plywood Jesus (video still). 2007

An exploration of the visual and sonic iconography of a 4x8 foot piece of ¼” plywood that has a curious Christ-like/Shroud of Turin-esque image in the wood grain. Dragging mallets made of bamboo and rubber balls across the surface of the plywood elicits deep, moan-like tones.

Pyrophones (video still). 2007.

Butane powered blowtorches create drones in two Pyrex tubes of almost equal length. The slight mistuning of the tubes creates rhythmic beating between the two drones.

Vug (video still). 2007.

The sound of two rounded stones being tapped together is modified by changing the shape of the performer’s mouth which acts as a resonator.