Music Music for Found Objects
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In 2006, the C3R released Jesse Stewart’s first solo recording, Music For Found Objects. As the title suggests, the recording features Stewart coaxing sounds, often unexpected—even magical—sounds, from a variety of found objects: wooden salad bowls, a steel bowl, electrical conduit, stones, canoe paddles, a seashell, saw blade, stones, and more.

Writing in Musicworks magazine, Randy Raine-Reusch writes that Music for Found Objects “quietly opens the door for us to a limitless world of delicate sonic beauty.”

“Highly recommended ear-cleansing” writes Massimo Ricci in Touching Extremes.

“An endlessly fascinating exploration of sound” says Vish Khanna in Exclaim!.

“This is a great work” declares Frans de Waard of the Netherlands in Vital Weekly.

A limited number of copies of Music For Found Objects are still available from in the Links section.