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Selected Press Quotes

“Jesse Stewart is an eloquent and poetically powerful percussionist, composer, improviser and teacher—a man of ideas and inventions.”
- Liner notes to Anagrams
By William Parker (NYC bassist, multi-instrumentalist, composer), 2014

“Jesse is an incredibly innovative artist. He's a performance artist, he's a jazz drummer, he's an incredible creative force.”
- Discussion of “Sounds from Space,”
By Roman Borys (Gryphon Trio cellist, Artistic Director of the Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival), 2014

“Of course, it would be remiss of me not to mention the rhythmic prowess of drummer-percussionist Jesse Stewart. Stewart has a relaxed sense of groove and a calm, collected style that brings Billy Martin to mind, but with a somewhat more versatile palette of sounds and textures—more finely tuned towards world rhythm.”
- Review of Stretch Orchestra
By Daniel Korn, Cadence, January 2012

“Performing with finesse and sensitivity, Stewart quietly opens the door for us to a limitless world of delicate sonic beauty.”
- Review of Music for Found Objects
By Randy Raine-Reusch, Musicworks 97 Spring 2007

“Highly recommended ear-cleansing.”
- Review of Music for Found Objects
By Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes 2007

“He gave a demonstration of his drum playing by which professional drummers in the audience were in the vernacular blown away. He plays like four drummers all playing a different style but simultaneously.”
- Review of a solo performance
at the Oshawa Jazz and Blues Festival
By Will McGuirk, Scene and Heard, August 2006

“Stewart’s gift stems from his visionary curiosity and his willingness to expand upon the accidental clunks humans create with all of their stuff. …Music for Found Objects is an endlessly fascinating exploration of sound.”
- Review of Music for Found Objects
By Vish Khanna, Exclaim! June 2006

“Watching Stewart perform is a magical experience, as he coaxes both familiar and otherworldly sounds from marble marimbas, seashells filled with water and even a deconstructed drum kit, the instrument he considers home base.”
- By Michael Barclay
Night Life 15 June 2006

“Jesse Stewart is one of the finest young drummers and percussionists on the scene today.”
- Review of Different Windows
By Frank Rubolino, One Final Note Summer/Fall 2002

“Jesse’s relentless experimentations on drums, found objects, and sculptures of his own design are an impressive and fascinating demonstration of the richness of sound waiting to be discovered in the most unlikely places. His music isn’t just demonstrative, it’s also truly exciting art.”
- Review of solo performance at Toronto’s Music Gallery
By Josh Thorpe, Musicworks 76 Spring 2000

- Review of duo performance
with Ladonna Smith at the Guelph Jazz Festival
By Frank Rubolino, Cadence Nov. 1999